The Story

AL-SUHAILY is family-run, independent and socially responsible, the company is committed to maintaining the majority of its production in England whilst sourcing its materials from France and Italy.

Founder and Director, Fady Alsuhaily has worked with the biggest luxury brands in the world, having come from a creative film background Fady Alsuhaily was no stranger to small details. However, his passion was always in fashion, having started to design his first sample at the age of 15. After putting himself through education and full-time employment he was equipped with the knowledge and skillset to launch his own luxury ecommerce store.

Mason ‘Mansour’ Alsuhaily perfected his craft in full-time education using the academic scholarship he was granted to collect the skills and knowledge required to code and create an Ecommerce site. From as early as the age of 7, Mason began cultivating his creative skills through artistic illustrations, later he combined this with his technical skills to become a high honour Digital Designer. Side-by-Side the two brothers used their knowledge, skills and experience to create AL-SUHAILY.

It all started with a series of observations from our founder, Fady Alsuhaily:

  • Ecommerce merchandising and marketing innovation is what generates the revenue, the pace of ecommerce accelerates daily.
  • True luxury puts the power in the hands of the customer, many luxury brands ignore this.

We wanted to revolutionise the customer experience in fashion.

In 2018, we set out to revolutionise the industry. The vision is clear: bring to market an enterprise-class ecommerce solution that would put more power and innovation in the hands of customer and at the same time would remove the technical costs, risks and complexities of running an ecommerce operation. We continued designing western influenced middle eastern designs that enable us to tell the story of the Arabic world, whilst allowing customer to customise their fashion desires. We applied this by using emerging advancements in software such as computer aided designs that allow our clients to customise their bespoke design in the world of leather goods, garments and fine jewellery. We have delivered a true luxury made-to-order enterprise ecommerce platform.

We give our customers the access to create a luxury product that they really want and need, making their beautiful bespoke creations achievable for those from all walks of life.

We are driven by quality which is why we source our exotic material is sourced from France, and our leather from Italy. Our material is a A/B grade. The highest grade possible, grade is reflected in the quality, the higher the grade, the higher the quality. In line with our ethics it is our duty to only use by-product materials of the meat industry.

We embody our culture and it is exhibited through our middle eastern inspired products made from the finest materials sourced in France and Italy, crafted in England. All of these factors are fundamental to the brands identity. We look to support and create products that fit every culture and every lifestyle.

We enlist and employ the greatest craftspeople in the U.K. All of our craftspeople are creative individuals, who are passionate about good craftsmanship, high quality products and luxury services providing years of experience, allowing us to help create the highest quality products available.